Ditch the tea bags 

My favorite tea is peppermint and raspberry leaf. Instead of buying prepackaged bags of tea, I got a couple tea pots (one for home and one for the office) and bulk bags of organic loose leaf tea on amazon. I mixed my tea in large mason jars to keep on hand. Voila! No need for tea bags or their trash anymore! And I’m drinking more tea because my system is so useful. 

The trash that resulted from this is the packaging from the amazon shipment (most of which got reused), the fuel used to transport it to my house (which was still efficient, assuming the delivery man made many stops along the way), and the two empty bags when I (eventually) finish all this tea (in, like, 3 yrs). Also, I can now compost my tea instead of tossing it in the trash with a tea bag. This system bypasses the manufacturing and disposal of all the little tea bags and boxes they go in, and is a fraction of the cost. Here are the products I bought (these aren’t links): 

What are your favorite teas? Can you find them in bulk somewhere? 


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