Can I Recycle That: Shampoo Bottles

Answer: YES.

Recycle your shampoo and conditioner bottles, but NOT the lids. The City of Tulsa website that lists what can and cannot be recycled does not specify the lids to these bottles may be recycled. DON’T include the LIDS. As you can see in this picture, the lids may sometimes contain metals and other unknown materials that probably are not recyclable.

ZWT got a question on its Facebook page a couple weeks ago about where in Tulsa one can buy shampoo and conditioner by the ounce out of bulk bottles. Embarrassingly, I don’t know the answer to that question (because it’s likely “no where”–but let’s look further, shall we!?). Locating a place in town to buy bulk soaps, including castille, was something I originally set out to do through this blog. Of course, if you’re able to refill your shampoo bottles you won’t need to recycle them!! Let’s hope that will be the case very soon.

Here’s to avoiding that trash!



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