Keep Clothes Out of Landfills


If you have to shop for clothes, the most zero waste thing to do is buy thrift. There are millions of articles of clothing sitting in thrift store floors and warehouses. Besides that, Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to the landfill each year.  (Also read this article if you’re interested in learning more about clothing recycling. I’ll post on that topic later.) The concept of buying thrift rather than new is our zero waste principal of recycling. Some of the best clothes I have are thrift store finds–I’ve been a believer since around the age of 12!

I just found this website through Pinterest, and WOW I am so stoked! I have always wanted to find a site like this. This woman takes tacky thrift store clothes and turns them into cute and stylish outfits. She includes before and after pictures, as well as sewing instructions and steps for transforming the outfit she features. Go take a look! Just to entice you, below is the picture that drew me in. I thought: how in the WORLD could she turn that into something cute, that is so weird! But she TOTALLY did, people. She totally did.



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