New Resource:

I have been watching a lot of PBS lately. I do own a TV (that was handed down to me from my parents) with a digital antenna plugged into it. Annabel Langbein is a cook with a show on PBS, and I have really been enjoying her program. She grows much of her own food in New Zealand, and is involved in the sustainability movement there. I was perusing her website, and found a page devoted to “minimising rubbish” within the sustainability page. I linked it below. There are really basic and simple tips for reducing waste, and we could all use a reminder.

Also nestled in that page is a new resource that I hadn’t yet discovered: I included a link to the Tulsa group’s site. is an internet listing site where you can list unwanted household items to be given away for free. You may also list “wanted” ads, if there is something in particular that you need. This is an effort to keep unwanted items out of the landfill. I am joining today!!!


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