Eliminating Plastic from Grocery Shopping

This is a snapshot of my cart at one point during Saturday’s grocery trip. I have been collecting fabric bags from various products over the last several months. Here I have bulk black beans in a drawstring pouch, formerly flip flop packaging. My apples and potatoes are in smaller fabric pouches with Velcro, formerly bed sheet packaging. I also brought a pillow case, but didn’t end up using it.

Pairing these things with my reusable Reasor’s bags, I got out of Sprout’s without using any plastic bags. I’m on the lookout for more fabric bags for purposes like the ones described here. Some zero-wasters use mason jars for bulk items. I’m not sure I’m ready to lug a bunch of glass jars to the store just yet. I’m still experimenting with my grocery store waste-elimination plan, but am pretty happy with Saturday’s results.


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