Can I Recycle That: Plastic utensils 

Answer: No!

In Tulsa, these little guys are not recycled. The only place they can go is in the garbage can.

Try to refuse plastic utensils when getting takeout. Why not carry your own set of utensils with you wherever you go?

Our restaurants go out of their way to please us. Places like Panera get napkin- and utensil-happy for our to-go orders. This causes us to waste, but also costs the restaurant money in supplies. This waste can easily be avoided.

When we are picking up a dozen bagels for the office, the restaurant assumes we need a dozen sets of utensils to accommodate everyone. My office has a set of silverware in the kitchen, so I always refuse the extra utensils when picking up food for my co-workers.

The trick is remembering to refuse. How do you remember to tell the cashier you don’t want the extra plastic?


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