“Can I Recycle That” Series


In Tulsa, we can recycle a wide variety of items. However, some of us are quick to toss things in our recycling bins that don’t actually belong there. We may think it should be recyclable, but it isn’t. This is a pretty big problem in Tulsa that causes economic and environmental waste. When non-recyclable items end up at the recycling center, it costs tax payers money to sort those items and return them to the appropriate disposal site. Further, it wastes energy, be it fuel or manpower. It is best to get it right at the beginning of the disposal chain. Unfortunately, the City of Tulsa has had to implement a campaign encouraging citizens to “focus on the four” (see photo above) and to remember the motto “when in doubt, throw it out.” The City is taking necessary measures to prevent waste, but this also prevents a lot of items from being recycled. Because of this, ZWT is providing you with the “Can I Recycle That” series. Here you will find guidance as to what you may and may not toss in your recycling bin.

Soon, ZWT will expand this series to include recycling rules for the surrounding municipalities in the Tulsa region.

If you have a recycling question that cannot be answered here, refer to the City of Tulsa’s recycling page. If you still have questions, ask ZWT either by commenting below or sending an email to zerowastetulsa@gmail.com.

Another note about recycling: If you recycle your waste, you should also consume recycled products. This closes the loop of recycling. If the recycled items are not consumed, it was a waste to recycle them in the first place. Read about his here on the City of Tulsa’s website.


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